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Sauvignon Blanc,2013 Fresh green apples, pears, lemongrass

Crisp, with a touch of minerality.  (B)24 (M)20.40 (G)10


Chenin Blanc,2013 Honey and citrus blossoms

Floral notes and a well-structured minerality. (B)22 (M)18.70 (G)8


Chardonnay,2014 Medium bodied California classic

Caramel, butterscotch, banana chips.  (B)38 (M)32.20 (G)10


Rose,2013: 52% Grenache, 48% Syrah. Peaches,

Sugar dusted strawberries with crisp grapefruit. (B)35 (M)29.75 (G)10 


Tutto Bianco,2013 Bouquet of melon, orange rind and apple.

Rhone blend of Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, and Viognier

Finishes with a light lemon zest.   (B)40 (M)34 (G)11



Pinot Noir,2012 Strawberries, bright cherries, and rose .

Anderson Valley. Light bodied ; elegant.  (B)42 (M)35.70 (G)12


Castello della Cita,2014 Raspberries and currants.

Beautiful tannins ; vanilla custard finish . Grenache Syrah blend 

(B)48 (M)40.80 (G)15


Forte e Scuro,2013 Chocolate blueberries, licorice, lavender.

Bright and spicy.  (B)32 (M)27.20(G)10


Petite Sirah,2012 Light body and subtle tannins. Balanced by bold

flavors of dark ripe fruits, pepper and coffee.  (B)34 (M)28.90 (G)10


Merlot,2012 Begins as a savory blend of mocha, tobacco, and dates 

transitioning into an earthy cherry finish.  (B)60 (M)51 (G)15


Cabernet Sauvignon,2012 Blackberries, chocolate, and dried plums.

Medium bodied Cabernet; slight minerality.  (B)50 (M)42.50 (G)15


Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot,2014 Cherry jam, tobacco, dried cranberry

Ripe tannins, warm spices, clean finish.  (B)85 (M)72.25 (G)20


Duo Vigne,2013 Currants, prunes, tobacco, dance with eucalyptus

Petit Verdot/ Cabernet Sauvignon blend.  (B)45 (M)38.25 (G)12


Tre Vigne,2013: 60% Cabernet, 20% Petit Verdot 20% Sangiovese.

Wild roses, bold black cherry, sweet dark plums   (B)40 (M)34 (G)12


Mascherato,2012 Herbaceous blend ;80% Zinfandel 20% Petite Syrah.

(B)35 (M)29.75 (G)9


Mascherato,2013 Warm caramel coffee bean; strawberry floral finish

Primitivo, Cabernet, Petite Syrah blend.   (B)35 (M)29.75 (G)9



Lyric,2012 Méthode champenoise sparkling wine. Burst of green apple

Citrus and honey comb, with fine bubbles  (B)38 (M)32.30 (G)15



Late Harvest Viognier,2013:

Apricots, creamed citrus, candied peaches. (B)18 (M)15.30 (G)8


Late Harvest Cabernet Sauvignon,2012:

Concord grape, currant , tobacco  (B)24 (M)20.40 (G)10


(B) Bottle  (M) Member (G) Glass