Your Love Life May Affect Your Taste in Wine

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Your Love Life May Affect Your Taste in Wine

It's not uncommon for a wine lover's tastes to change. Discoveries of new regions and changing trends can explain why the wines that you once preferred may be totally different from the ones you enjoy today—plus, as you age, so do your taste buds. Now, just in time for Valentine's Day, a recent study offers yet another explanation for why you might like the wines that you do: your significant other.

In the study, published last month in the behavioral science journal Appetite, researchers from Poland's University of Wrocław and Germany's TU Dresden tested the scent and flavor preferences of 100 heterosexual couples whose relationships ranged in duration from three months to 45 years. They found that the longer a couple had been together, the more similar their preferences were.

Each participant was asked to smell 38 scent samples, which included fragrances such as eucalyptus, butanol, grapefruit, smoked meat and caramel. Researchers also dissolved samples of each of the five basic tastes—sweet (10 grams d-saccharose), sour (5g citric acid), salty (7.5 g NaCl), bitter (0.05 g quinine hydrochloride), and umami (10g Na-glutamate)—into spray bottles, and sprayed the solutions onto each participant's tongue. The participants were asked to rate each scent and flavor sample from 1 ("I like it a lot.") to 5 ("I don't like it at all.").

"Although numerous studies showed that romantic partners tend to become more similar in various characteristics over time, none have explored a shift in chemosensory perception related to relationship duration," the study's text states. "Here, we show that both taste and smell preferences are more similar in couples with longer relationship duration."

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