Wine Term: Teinturier Grapes

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Wine Term: Teinturier Grapes

Wait, Red Wine Grapes Have Clear Juice?

Indeed! It’s actually the grape skin that creates the color of the wine.

When the skins are soaked in juice, anthocyanin (color pigment) is released, literally staining the wine as a result. For that reason, we can have such things as rosé (limited skin contact) and white Pinot Noir(zero skin contact–made like a white wine.)

Though, like most things in wine, there’s an exception to the rule. It’s near impossible to make a white Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon as the skins stain the juice almost immediately, consequently creating a not white wine. Included in this group of “always red” wines are teinturier grapes with dark skins andred flesh.


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