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Ask a seasoned, Passover-celebrating wine drinker what kosher wines they recommend. Expect an ironic laugh and a “life’s too short to drink kosher wines” response. In fact, the kosher wine category has improved dramatically since Manischewitz became the Passover table cliche. A major contributor to kosher wine’s bad reputation is boiling, so it can be mevushal (‘cooked’), and thus handled by non-Sabbath-observing Jews while remaining kosher; not surprisingly, boiling wine, as with boiling anything, kills the complex flavors. Innovations in technology over the last decade have helped. A new process called flash détente quickly heats and cools grapes after they’re...

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Photo by Pixdeluxe A BRIEF history of my wine world introduces us. When I was young there were only two types of wine; red and white. Then around 1980 I discovered chablis, a premier cru French chardonnay, and I suddenly understood a little about what the fuss of wine was all about and why wine was prized and aged wines so venerated. Many people in their early years find a sweet style wine more approachable as an introduction to wine, but in the end, it is the slightly aged dry white and long aged reds which really deliver the pleasures...

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I have one word, three syllables for you when it comes to the greatest white wine of the world: Montrachet, pronounced "Mo-nra-shay".  Montrachet is a remarkable piece of real estate, a very special place, or vineyard and terroir as the French put it.  This is the place where the Chardonnay grape, one of two Noble Grape varietals, reaches its peak.  The other Noble Grape varietal is Riesling, but we will talk about that later. Wines of this caliber and pedigree should elicit great emotion, like a great dish made with white truffles, an incredible album, a great work of art...

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