LSU Professor Uses Red Wine to Create Heart Disease Treatment

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LSU Professor Uses Red Wine to Create Heart Disease Treatment

LSU Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences professor Tammy Dugas has revolutionized a new heart disease treatment using red wine.

Dugas is the co-founder of ReQuisite Biomedical, which specializes in using elements from natural compounds to create treatments for diseases. She graduated from the University in 1996 and served as the president of the Cardiovascular Toxicology Specialty Section for 2016-17.

Dugas recently made a breakthrough on the use of antioxidant compounds from red wine in stents. Stents are small metal tubes placed in arteries to keep them open and clear away obstructions. The problem with stents is that cells in the blood vessel tend to grow around them, causing blood flow to be restricted. Most stents are also extremely problematic in terms of what they release into the body, such as drugs that cause cancer.

“A lot of the stents and other products out there release cancer drugs into blood vessels. Chemotherapy agents are known to have all sorts of side effects,” Dugas said. “We were thinking that the product we developed would be better because it would be safer.”